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People Tell Us the Most Unprofessional Thing They've Ever Done at Work

The bad news is, most of us hate our jobs. The good news is, there’s no shortage of shitty things we can do while hating it.
Jesse Donaldson
Vice Blog

Working in a High-End Salon Made Me Hate the Rich

And turned me into a monster.
Caroline Thompson

This Australian Man Wants the Government to Give All Truckers $100 a Day in Hazard Pay

Steven Corcoran says that truck drivers like him have the most dangerous jobs in the country and should be compensated appropriately.
Julian Morgans

The Denver Nuggets Have Given Up

Sometimes, a basketball team isn't a shining beacon of competitive spirit. Sometimes it's just like you.
Colin McGowan

Stoned Zombie in a Haunted House

I've gotten stoned at work before, but smoking weed and working as a zombie at a haunted house didn't go well together.
T. Kid

I Spent a Year Being Exploited by a Shady Canadian Call Center

When you're 21 years old, naive, broke, and desperate for a work visa, you'll make all kinds of bad decisions, which explains how I ended up struggling to sell investment strategies to strangers over the phone for 12 hours a day.
Gina Tron
Motherboard Blog

Meet Japan's "Liquidators," the Depressed, Radiated Workers Who Make $60 a Day to Dismantle Fukushima

"Fukushima reactor dismantler" is officially the world's worst job.
Brian Merchant
Pen Pals

Burying the Dead and Unloved

Part of a 15-cent-an-hour job I had while in prison was burying inmates who died and had no one who could claim the bodies, or else didn’t have anyone who gave a shit to arrange a proper funeral. They had died over the winter and their bodies had been...
Bert Burykill