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My Painful Quest to Find the Worst Christmas Movie Ever Made

From 'Homeless for the Holidays' to 'Christmas in Hollywood' to 'Ho Ho Nooooooo!!! It's Mr. Bill's Christmas Special!'
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete
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I Finally Finished Watching 'Battlefield Earth' and Hoo Boy I Shouldn't Have

The big screen adaptation of a novel by the founder of Scientology is so bad it's almost impossible to laugh at.
Chris Feil
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I Rewatched 'Pixels' to See How a Fun Premise Became an Atrocity

The Adam Sandler vs. Pac-Man comedy is a bizarre mess of misogyny, bad jokes, and pandering nostalgia.
Grant Pardee
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The Strange Magic of Good Schlock Movies

What separates the truly unredeemable bad movie from good camp?
Rob Zacny
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Before He Became Our President, Trump Was Going to Play One in 'Sharknado'

"The Donald said yes," the film's producer said. "He was thrilled to be asked."
Drew Schwartz

Twenty Years Later, Joel Schumacher Is Very Sorry About 'Batman & Robin'

"After 'Batman & Robin,' I was scum. It was like I had murdered a baby," Schumacher tells VICE.
Noel Ransome

Seven Terrible Movies That Deserve Reboots

Hollywood has been going about remakes the wrong way.
Alex Hughes

Why Hollywood's Obsession with Remakes and Sequels Needs to Die

Hollywood is drowning in nostalgia and milking every franchise known to man, and now it's coming for 'Beetlejuice.' It's time to take a stand.
Hannah Ewens

The Founder of the Razzies Explains What the Academy Awards Are Getting Wrong

"Something that pompous and over-the-top as the Oscars is just begging to be ripped apart! It's like there's a big red balloon in front of you and you're holding a big, sharp pin—what are you going to do, not pop it?"
Rod Bastanmehr

'Dangerous Men' Is the Funniest and Worst Movie You'll See This Year

The magnum opus of outsider filmmaker John S. Rad wants to be a grim thriller. Instead, it's a bizarre and hilarious testament to the difficulties of creating art.
Harry Cheadle

The Old-Fashioned, Fart-Filled Comedy of the Razzies

I went to the Razzies to get away from the tired schtick of the Oscars, but found instead an even more tired schtick.
Justin Caffier

Meet the Two Guys Who Are Doomed to Watch ‘Grown Ups 2’ for Eternity

Every Monday, Guy Montgomery and Tim Batt wake up at 9 AM to watch the Adam Sandler ensemble comedy and then discuss the movie on a podcast called <i>The Worst Idea of All Time</i>.
Dan Ozzi