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11 Lusciously Locked Metalheads Give Tips on How to Have a Glorious Mane

"Do you know what I would have been without my hair? A virgin."
Clara Krohn

Black Trumpet Pizza with Leeks, Pancetta, and Pecorino

The "biga" dough, which gives the crust a complex, slightly sour flavor, takes this undeniably delicious pizza to a whole new level.
Kris Schram

MUNCHIES: The Podcast: Riding Along with the World's Most Expensive Milk Man

It's Election Day, so soothe your ears as we milk some cows with one of the world's greatest chefs at a farm that wants a better future for all of us.
Helen Hollyman
Dirty Work

Dirty Work: Making Creamy Potatoes and Crispy Salt Cod With Christian Puglisi

“I said I want to make an authentic restaurant by not trying to make an authentic restaurant.”
Alex Swerdloff
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Get Your Bæst On With This Uniquely Nordic Pizza

It's not delivery; it's a nonconformist ode to pizza topped with earthy black trumpets, mildly sweet leeks, fatty pancetta, and briny Pecorino.
Alex Swerdloff

These Danish Chefs Just Made Italian Pizza Even Better

Bæst restaurant in Copenhagen is shaking up the geographical notion of the world's best pizza with their wildcard dough. Their crew doesn't want you to half-bake frozen pizzas anymore, so here's a visual guide to making their pies at home without...
Munchies Staff

New Nordic Cuisine Is Dead

The food world still gushes over Nordic dining and its locavore penchant for oddball beach herbs and gnarly root vegetables, but more than a decade after the New Nordic manifesto, Copenhagen looks ready to adapt more global flavors.
Lars Eriksen