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Passengers Asked to Pee in Trash Bags and Bottles on This Flight from Hell

After the toilets onboard started overflowing from a flushed diaper.
Drew Schwartz
Desus & Mero

Desus and Mero Get in a Flame War Over Subway Dogs

The VICELAND hosts have very different thoughts about whether or not doggos should be allowed on the train.
Sarah Bellman

A Look Inside the Purses of Women in the UK

Some sweeping generalizations about the UK based on the contents of its women's handbags—in the form of a photo series.
Chloe Orefice

Photos of the Fascinating Things Women Keep in Their Bags

As a kid, I was convinced that my mom and her friends had to carry around all sorts of magical items, plus a couple of bricks. I thought that was the law—in case they needed to save the world or something.
Sergey Stroitelev

Put On Your Leather Jackets and Listen to Stars At Night's Punk As Hell "Searching"

Stars At Night are making good, solid punk that sends a message but also gets you hyped as fuck to be hearing it.
Annalise Domenighini

The Branded Cocaine Bags of Mexico's Most Brutal Drug Gang

I collected the baggies while buying coke from the notorious Los Zetas cartel, in the town of Torreón.
Ana Covolo

Sweaty Street Style at Jen Kao's NYFW Show

I arrived to the entrance of Jen Kao's show dripping in grossness thanks to the NYC humidity. Since it was brutally hot, I decided to take photos of other folks also sweating their tits off.
Susie G

The Art of Heroin Bags

What's the point of developing a smack habit if the baggies it comes in look like shit?
Jamie Clifton
Vice Blog

The Great Herschel Supply Co. Giveaway of 2012

VICE Canada
The Girls Issue


Muddy face masks are a pain to wash off and they make the whole sink messy. When you can peel it off in one big piece it’s clean, satisfying, and fun (because you can do this thing where you pretend you’re peeling off a fake identity like in spy movies).
VICE Staff
The Photo Issue 2006

Sally Bierman

Bags for sale.
Sally Bierman