The VICE Morning Bulletin

Anti-Trump protests erupt nationwide, Muslim ban proposal is removed from Trump website, 'South Park' quickly re-writes post-election episode, and more.


Why Are the Feds Buying Millions of Pounds of Cheese and Eggs?

Much like the dairy industry, egg producers are also feeling the crunch lately after a significant drop in demand and price.


Greece Hopes For Another Massive Bailout After Violent Street Protests

Tensions are on a knife edge as Greece attempts to negotiate another crucial bailout worth billions while facing violent street protests and rebellion from within the government.


Greek Party Syriza Is Supporting Mass Protests Against Its Own Government

Major Greek unions have called a 24-hour strike and demonstrations in protest at austerity measures agreed by Syriza in exchange for fresh bailout funds. And the Syriza government is right behind them.


Eight Things Worth the Same Amount as Candy Crush

King Digital Entertainment—the company behind Candy Crush—is being sold to Activision Blizzard for $5.9 billion. Here's what else you could buy with that cash.


The Far-Right Golden Dawn Is Still Greece's Third Most Popular Political Party

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras won the election, but around 7 percent of voters cast ballots for the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn.


Alexis Tsipras Returns to Power in Greece With Strong Election Victory

Greek voters ensured that the charismatic leftist will remain the country’s dominant political figure despite caving to European demands for a bailout he once opposed.


We Went to Former Greek Prime Minister Alex Tsipras’ Rally in Athens

The rally, held in historic Syntagma Square, was literally painted red with SYRIZA flags and shirts, albeit not as many as January's final rally or the 'No' rally prior to July's referendum.


Banks Have Reopened in Greece, but Almost Everything Has Become More Expensive

Higher prices have taken effect, with taxes rising on basic goods including meats, cooking oils, coffee, tea, salt, flowers, firewood, fertilizer, insecticides, sanitary towels, and condoms.


'We’re Meeting a Man with a Fuck-Off Huge Projector': Meet the Europeans Standing in Solidarity with Greece

While Greece is under pressure from Europe's major institutions and major creditors, normal people across the continent are showing support for the their Greek counterparts. VICE News met some of them.


We Asked an Investment Specialist If Now Is a Good Time to Buy a House in Greece for Nothing

It's not a great idea and you're a terrible person.