Baja California


This Baja Oyster Expert is Revolutionizing Oyster Farming

"Oysters are magic."
Memo Bautista

The World's Best Breakfast Is in a Small Village in Northwest Mexico

The only ingredient used to season the best breakfast dish on earth is grain salt, and it’s paired with nothing but simple, well-seasoned refried beans and handmade tortillas.
Pablo Mata Olay
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You Should Be Smoking Your Oysters

These tasty oysters from Baja California restaurant Corazón de Tierra have the freshness of the sea, plus the richness of ranchero cheese and bacon.
Munchies Staff
Baja California

Scientists Have No Explanation for This Mysterious Swarm of Thousands of Crabs

The ocean continues to be full of mysteries.
Sarah Emerson
Craft Beer

Why It's So Hard to Start a Craft Brewery in Mexico

If I knew how much work it would be to open up a brewery in Mexico, and how the tax system works against craft brewers, I probably would have never done it at all.
Jordan Gardenhire

Everything We Know So Far About the Disappearance of Two Australian Surfers in Mexico

Dean Lucas and Adam Coleman have been missing since November 21.
Julian Morgans

My Baja Restaurant Doesn't Pamper Its Vegetables

The degustation menu at Corazón de Tierra is all about tasting Ensenada. The customer goes into a journey of cereals, vegetables, seafood, fish, poultry, game meat, etc. It sounds delicious? Yes it does. It sounds easy? Of course it does. But it’s...
Diego Hernández Baquedano

Chef's Night Out: Manzanilla

Benito Molina of Manzanilla restaurant takes us out in Ensanada for the freshest seafood, best beer, and most delicious street food that Baja California has to offer.
Benito Molina

Pioneering a Locavore Restaurant in Baja Wasn't Easy

Fifteen years ago, our Ensenada restaurant offered nothing more than fresh fish and local produce because those were the only options available. Nowadays, people call it locavorism or “being sustainable,” but that term didn’t exist here back then.
Solange Muris

Taking on the World's Most Difficult Off-Road Race in a VW Bug

The Baja 1000 is the longest continuous off-road race in the world and the Desert Dingoes race it in stock pre-1982 Volkswagen Beetles. That's like trying to win the America's Cup in a blowup raft.
Joseph Bien-Kahn