These Bakeries Illegally Serve Stoners, Drunks, and Cops

In a city where weed and prostitution are legal, bakeries have become the primary meeting grounds for some of the most illicit activities in Amsterdam.
Stefanie Staelens

What's at Stake in the Supreme Court's Take on Gay Wedding Cakes?

We talked to a constitutional lawyer, who said the case's implications could potentially be as broad for LGBTQ people as marriage equality—all thanks to a goddamn cake.
Mike Pearl

Venezuela Arrests Four Bakers for Baking Brownies and Croissants as 'Bread War' Intensifies

Maduro threatens to take control of bakeries throughout Caracas for using flour to make sweets instead of bread.
Alex Swerdloff

The Bakers of Trump's Inauguration Cake Will Donate Profits to LGBT Rights Group

Baltimore’s Duff Goldman of 'Ace of Cakes' fame made the original cake for Obama’s inauguration, and pointed out the copy on Twitter.
Wyatt Marshall

How a Brush with Death Set This Bakery Owner on a Path to Success

Aaron Caddel, the 25-year-old owner of Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, credits his success to believing that he was going to die before turning 30.
Javier Cabral

Eat the Best 'Pan de Muertos' in Mexico for Day of the Dead

Every year during Dia de los Muertos, bakeries all over Mexico make 'pan de muertos,' (bread of the dead). These are the best in Mexico City.
Pablo Mata Olay

How Syrian Bakers Are Making Bread Against All Odds

Even in a time of war, Syrians' high standards for bread are uncompromising. Bakers have implemented unique techniques to provide the daily bread under conflict.
Emma Beals
san francisco

Why I Left the Fashion Industry to Bake Cookies

After 12 years of working for Bulgari, I knew it was time to do something a little more grounded and something that would connect me more to my community in San Francisco, so I opened up a cookie shop, Cookie Love.
Erika Olsen

The Mafia Is Alive, Well, and Controlling Bread Prices in Italy

The police allege that bread retailers of all sizes, whether a street vendor or a supermarket, have had to buy their bread from bakeries tied to the Camorra Mafia for years.
Wyatt Marshall

Baking Taught Me the Art of Being Chill

Bakers are like chill hippies who totally live it up, and your average cook at a restaurant couldn’t be anything further from that, so I switched careers and never looked back.
Alex Phaneuf

What I Learned About Sandwiches From Working at an English Chain Bakery

As a Greggs bakery alumnus I know that spreading honey mustard on a grainy roll for six months comes with all manner of hidden pressures.
Javaria Akbar

Cry-Baby of the Week: A Guy Got Fired For Dancing

This week: A guy got fired for dancing on the job and someone allegedly burned down a bakery because the police wouldn't help him get in his car.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete