The Met's Japanese Bamboo Art Is a Flux of Beautiful Bending

The exhibit features bamboo artists from the Japanese periods of Meiji and Taishō.
Diana Shi

Britain Spends £166 Million a Year Spraying This Delicious ‘Weed’ with Herbicide

“It is basically rhubarb,” says forager Ross Evans of Japanese knotweed, the “weed” Britain spends £166 million every year attempting to eradicate. “The young shoots are also great, almost similar to bamboo shoots.”
Charles Parkinson

Too Much Bamboo Is Bad for Panda Sex, New Study Says

TFW your favorite food isn't good for you.
Gabby Bess

Foraging and Pig Hunting Still Sustain One of Taiwan's Most Remote Aboriginal Villages

The population of Smangus—an aboriginal village in a remote region of Taiwan—is only 178. There, the townspeople keep their indigenous language alive, forage for mushrooms and bamboo, and throw a party every time a wild pig is caught.
Clarissa Wei
Neither Big nor Easy

Killing a Ten-Foot Alligator in the Swamps of Louisiana

When you own swampland in Louisiana, it can be a bit like owning an inefficient alligator farm. I took a trip with Dave Turgeon to the swamp where he makes part of his living.
Michael Patrick Welch

Bamboo Rainbow Lights Up A Temple Pavilion In Upcoming MoMA Exhibition

At a glance this bamboo is a beautiful color spectrum, but its underlying goals regard the bleaker issue of over-population.
Beckett Mufson
Motherboard Blog

Bamboozled: How Eco-Friendly is Eco-Fashion?

As consumers brave the cold and the seething, pepper spray-happy crowds for holiday shopping this year, they’ll have more options than ever for clothing that claims to be “eco-friendly,” both in boutiques and in major chains.
Ben Richmond