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Grilled Jumbo Shrimp in Banana Leaves

If you can find aji charapita peppers and cocona fruit, you have zero excuse for not making these grilled jumbo shrimp.
Flavio Solórzano
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Garlic Shrimp Are Extra-Amazing When Wrapped in Banana Leaves

All garlic shrimp everything.
Munchies Staff

Cambodian Ghosts Love Sticky Rice Cakes

On Pchum Ben or "Ancestors' Day," Cambodians believe the ghosts of dead relatives return to earth. They are offered Num Om Saum, a sticky rice cake wrapped in banana leaves.
Nathan A. Thompson
Filipino food

You Can Only Eat with Your Hands at LA's Biggest Filipino Dinner

A kamayan dinner is a Filipino feast in which you eat unimaginable amounts of food off banana leaves at a communal table, without any utensils whatsoever. It may be the grand equalizer to finally give Filipino cuisine the push that it needs to become...
Javier Cabral

Banana-Leaf-Wrapped Sea Bass with Fresh Salsa and Cannabis Oil Recipe

Garlic- and ginger-infused weed oil add fragrant flavor (and a delicious high) to this sensational seafood dish.
Tim Milojevich
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Tonight You Will Grill Endless Shrimp

For this simple recipe, all you need is jumbo shrimp, some banana leaves, and a private jet that can fly you to Lima and back with some obscure ingredients. Or, you know, just use tomatoes.
Munchies Staff

A Sydney Cafe Is Turning Asylum-Seekers into Servers

Despite Prime Minister Tony Abbott's aggressive "Stop the Boats" stance, political refugees and asylum-seekers are still flocking to Sydney, where they've found work and training at a cafe called Parliament on King.
Phoebe Hurst