Bar Tartine

    • 6.9.15

      One of the World's Best Bakers Is Considering Turning to Robots for Help

      The James Beard Award-winning baker from San Francisco's Tartine Bakery wants to bring his legendary handmade loaves to the masses, even if that means depending on robots to do some of his bread making.

    • 9.5.14

      Beet Kvass Recipe

      A tangy, earthy tonic that's full of probiotics. Sip on this when you're trying to be healthy, or add some booze for an instant cocktail.

    • 6.26.14

      Chef's Night Out: Dominique Crenn

      Dominique Crenn is the first woman to be awarded two Michelin stars for restaurant Atelier Crenn in San Francisco. She takes us out on the town for a meal of small plates and digestifs, but also shows us that no one's too old for a late night grilled...

    • 6.10.14

      How-To: Make Beet Kvass with Cortney Burns

      At San Francisco's Bar Tartine, Cortney Burns shows us how to make beet kvass, a brightly colored, probiotic, naturally fermented drink that's great on its own or poured into a beer, pickleback-style.

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