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Lukaku Arrested for "Disturbing the Peace" at His Beverly Hills Rager

Seems like he and Paul Pogba had some fun times.


Fabregas After Chelsea's EPL Championship Win: "Football is Fucking Unbelievable"

The Spanish midfielder was pleased with his club's victory, and expressed his pleasure on live TV.


Cristiano Ronaldo Heads In 367th Goal to Become Top Scorer in Europe's Top Six Leagues

It's an impressive tally, and I'm sure we won't hear the end of it—from him—for a long time.


Arsenal Fans Launch Dueling Wenger "In" and "Out" Plane Banners, Suffer a Loss

Wouldn't be surprised if a second "out" plane made its rounds next match—to trump the "in."


Emre Can Delivers Liverpool Game-Winner With a Scorching Worm-Burner

It was pleasing to the eye—and Jurgen Klopp, as it ended up being the game-winner, completing the comeback 2-1


Dele Alli Ghost-Taps the Ball for Beauteous Stoppage Time Goal

It's almost as if Alli's play is the on-field equivalent of his clubhouse demeanor.


Claudio Ranieri Releases Statement After Leicester Sacking: "Yesterday My Dream Died"

Like any other type of breakup, you can only just hope for Claudio to find an even better partner next time.


Manchester United Hammer In Two Goals Against Leicester in Just One Minute and Change

Seems like we'll have to wait a hundred years or so to get another miracle run from Leicester.


Lukaku's Four Magnificent Goals Against Bournemouth Make Him Top EPL Golden Boot Contender

The golden boot may be in sight, but the Toffees are impatient to see if Lukaku and Everton can edge out a couple more teams this season.


Saucy Ross Barkley Celebrates Before Kicking In Everton's Sixth Goal

Go on, you audacious little minx.


Eden Hazard Scores After Casual Half-Field Stroll Through Arsenal

It just feels like the kind of day to go out, take your pet ball for a walk, greet your neighbors, be affable, and score a goal.