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Barry Gifford Is America’s Offbeat Dostoevsky

We caught up with the novelist, poet, and frequent David Lynch collaborator to talk about his new book 'Writers' and what it’s been like working with the iconic director.
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The Dirty Laundry Issue

Beyond God and the Devil: New Fiction from Barry Gifford

Here's a short story from the acclaimed poet, author, and screenwriter.
Barry Gifford

Beyond Wild at Heart: An X-Rated Evening with Barry Gifford

On Tuesday, November 4, we're reuniting with Gifford at the legendary art house Anthology Film Archives to present Beyond Wild at Heart: An X-Rated Evening. Get your tickets here.
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Tonight: Spend an Evening Watching David Lynch's "Hotel Room" with Barry Gifford

Tonight in Brooklyn, Barry Gifford will be appearing at Book Thug Nation where he will be reading passages from his latest book <i>The Roy Stories</i>, which chronicles Barry's weird personal life. After the reception, we're screening two episodes of...
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the it's actually quite weird issue

Alligator Story

Author Barry Gifford shares with us an unpublished short story about beheading, skinning, and gutting a gator in the Gulf.
Barry Gifford
The Issue That Cares

The Vast Difference

If you were reading this introduction in a literary journal, it might say something like Barry Gifford is a singular, prolific force in American letters
Barry Gifford
The Fiction Issue 2008

Sad Stories of the Death of Kings

It's no wonder that David Lynch made two of his best films when he adapted Barry Gifford's 'Wild at Heart' and then asked him to cowrite the script for Lost Highway.
Barry Gifford