Downtown Manhattan in the 1970s Was New York’s Golden Era for Nightlife

Artists, models, and revelers remember a gloriously liberated decade of going out and making art—and the legendary watering holes that made it possible.
Dan Q. Dao
13 hours ago
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Mac's Club Deuce Is the Last Slice of Old Florida on Miami Beach

And still one of the best dive bars in America.
Allie Conti
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Fran's Eastside Is the Best Dive Bar in Nashville

It's so good, in fact, Nicole Kidman pretends to drink there.
D. Patrick Rodgers
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Atlanta’s Best Bar Started as an Accident

Two brothers bought an old building to house their construction business, but started serving drinks instead.
Gray Chapman

Were They on a Break? We Settled the Biggest Plot Controversies of ‘Friends’

We went to the new "Friends" pop-up bar in Chicago and took a survey of patrons about the show's most divisive plot lines.
Caroline Thompson
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How to Treat a Bartender, According to Bartenders

Seasoned New York City bartenders share their dos and don'ts when it comes to ordering a drink.
VICE Staff
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Mike's Chili Parlor Is the Best Bar in Seattle If You Love Dives

It also happens to sell the city's best chili.
Mike Seely
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The Best Dive Bar in Texas Opens at 7 AM and Refuses to Be Gentrified

You see the eternal Houston at D&W Lounge.
John Nova Lomax
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Trump's Former Lawyer Is Now Thrashing to a Punk Band Called Copstabber

Ty Cobb was spotted shredding an air guitar at the band's show in DC while they played hits like "Butt Drugs" and "I Like Cocaine."
Drew Schwartz
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Tomi Lahren Got Heckled Out of Brunch After Someone Threw a Drink at Her

A table shouted "racist-ass bitch" at her as she walked out with her parents.
Drew Schwartz
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New York City Finally Has a Nightlife Mayor

Lifelong New Yorker Ariel Palitz just got tapped to help you party harder.
Drew Schwartz
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Sexual Harassment in the Food Industry

On the latest episode of 'The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast,' we discuss the rampant issue of sexual harassment in restaurants, bars, and beyond.
VICE Staff