Baseball Hall of Fame


Make Your Hall of Fame Ballots Public, You Cowards

There's an anonymous bloc of writers who vote overwhelmingly against Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds.
Sean Newell
homer at the bat

Baseball Hall of Fame Will Honor "Homer at the Bat"

There will be a round-table discussion with Wade "Pitt the Edler" Boggs and Ozzie "Graceland" Smith, among others.
Patrick Sauer

Hall of Fame Voters Shift on Steroids, But That Won't Help Sammy Sosa

Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens seem well-positioned to receive Hall of Fame voters' pardon over the next few years. Sammy Sosa has made no such progress.
Steven Goldman

Manny Ramirez, Steroids, and Having It Both Ways in the Hall of Fame

The question of how to handle known steroid users in Hall of Fame voting is a thorny one, but many voters have settled on a chronological distinction. It doesn't hold up.
Nathaniel Rakich

Larry Walker Belongs in Cooperstown

Walker won't get in this year, but voters should give him serious consideration before he drops off the ballot. The former MVP's numbers are Hall of Fame worthy, and playing at Coors Field shouldn't be held against him.
Andrew Forbes
Manny Ramirez

Manny Ramirez Is Headed For Cooperstown, But Is Going To Play In Japan First

Manny Ramirez is 44 years old, and five years removed from his last MLB at-bat. So why is he going to play in a Japanese independent league? Because he's Manny.
David Roth

Dan Shaughnessy Won't Vote Curt Schilling into Hall of Fame Because of His Journalist Lynching Tweet

Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy is invoking the character clause against Curt Schilling because of his attack against journalists.
Patrick Sauer

The Baseball Hall of Fame Is Exclusive For Fans, Too

Unfortunately, the Baseball Hall of Fame isn't just for one percent of former players—it's for one percent of fans. For a game that is at its best when it's diverse and inclusive, that's a problem.
Eric Nusbaum

Mike Piazza Is a Legend the Mets Can Call Their Own

The New York Mets have always had uneasy relationships with their most iconic players, but Mike Piazza was an exception—a great player who left a great legacy.
Jerry Beach

Ken Griffey Jr. Mic Drops His HOF Induction by Donning a Backwards Cap

Debatably the GOAT. Unquestionably a legend.
Liam Daniel Pierce
kelsie whitmore

It's Virtually Impossible to Know What Kind of History Kelsie Whitmore Made

Kelsie Whitmore probably did not make history on Wednesday when she got a single in a Pacific Association of Professional Baseball Clubs game.
Sean Newell
magnificent obsessions

Meet The Man Who Owns Over 400 Ken Griffey Jr. Upper Deck Rookie Cards

Like many kids his age, Lucas Stallbaumer idolized Ken Griffey Jr. and chased his Upper Deck rookie card. The thing is, he just never stopped chasing it.
Joe DeLessio