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The Arrogant Denver Nuggets Angered Lil B and Paid the Price

Denver incurred the Based God's wrath in December. Last night, their season ended with an ugly loss to Minnesota. I WONDER IF THESE TWO THINGS ARE RELATED?!?!?!?!
Alex Robert Ross
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Lil B Cancels Festival Set, Says A Boogie wit da Hoodie “Jumped” Him

"I said something about Boogie's music and they all got mad and they jumped me about that[...] I got jumped by like 10 motherfuckers."
Alex Robert Ross
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Lil B Threatens Lonzo Ball with The Based God's Curse

Let's talk about hex.
Alex Robert Ross
Holy Shit

Lil B Has Released 'Black Ken,' This Is Not a Drill

"BLACK KEN MIXTAPE #FACT NUMBER 1!!," Lil B tweeted upon its release.
Alex Robert Ross
New music

Lil B Just Gave the World Seven New Songs and a 'Black Ken' Release Date

The long-awaited mixtape is finally on its way.
Lawrence Burney
Noisey Specials

Watch 'Lil B: Believe in Earth,' a Rare and Based Journey with One of Rap's Most Influential Artists

In this very rare motivational experience, Noisey set out to learn the meaning of based and learn a bit more about ourselves in the process.
Noisey Staff
Deep Ass Questions

Game of Chance: Is Chance the Rapper Protecting LeBron James from the Based God’s Curse?

A metaphysical analysis.
Alex Robert Ross

CURSE UPDATE: Lil B Explains Why Kevin Durant Is Playing so Well (EXCLUSIVE)

"What’s going on is that he’s fighting the curse. He wants to beat the curse."
Kyle Kramer
Holy Shit

Extremely Rare: Witness History in Clams Casino's and Lil B's First-Ever Joint Video, "Witness"

Producer Keyboard Kid completes the Based trifecta for the track from Clams Casino's upcoming album, '32 Levels.'
Kyle Kramer
Holy Shit

iLoveMakonnen and Lil B Toast Their Imitators with "Can't Let It Go"

Based worlds unite.
Craig Jenkins
Internet Exploring

Breaking Based News: Lil B Apologizes for Dissing The Weeknd

It's never too late to say sorry, Lil' B.
Jabbari Weekes
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Did Lil B Invent the Dab Back in 2010?

If so let's hope he doesn't curse all of hip-hop.
Slava Pastuk