Bashar Assad


The Assad regime deliberately killed war correspondent Marie Colvin, judge rules

"She was specifically targeted because of her profession."
Tim Hume

Syrians in Idlib are making their own gas masks to prepare for Assad's next major offensive

As the dictator’s major offensive looms over the city, residents are bracing for the worst.
Ghalia Bdiwe
Russian sanctions

Trump just hit Russian oligarchs with the most aggressive sanctions yet

The mega-wealthy oligarchs are seen as close to the Kremlin but not actually members of President Vladimir Putin’s government.
Greg Walters

More carnage in eastern Ghouta

Russian and Syrian warplanes continued hammering the devastated Syrian rebel enclave of eastern Ghouta on Monday.
Greg Walters

Russia is flaunting its fancy new stealth fighter jets

The reputed appearance of two new stealth Su-57 fighter jets comes at crucial time for Russian forces in Syria.
Greg Walters
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What Trump's Missile Strike Means for Syrians Like Me

As an asylum seeker in the US, I understand why so many cheered the attack on Assad's airbase.
Loubna Mrie

Questions That Remain After Trump's Sudden Syria Missile Strike

After the president abruptly changed his posture toward the Syrian government, it remains unclear what will happen next.
Harry Cheadle
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Trump Is Reportedly Considering More Military Action in Syria

In two days, the president has seemingly changed his mind about whether the US should become more involved in one of the world's most horrible conflicts.
Allie Conti

The VICE Morning Bulletin

US swimmers were detained at the Rio airport for more questioning about an alleged robbery, a car bomb kills three police officers in Turkey, Kanye West announces Life of Pablo pop-up stores, and more.
VICE Staff
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Islamic State Behind Three Bombings That Killed 60 Near Syria's Holiest Shiite Shrine

A car bomb and two suicide bombers targeted an area of Damascus where Hezbollah and other Shiite militias from Iraq and Iran have a strong presence.
Reuters and VICE News

We Asked Experts if Syrian President Bashar Assad Will Ever Be Punished for War Crimes

The embattled strongman could eventually find exile in Russia—if he doesn't wind up before the International Criminal Court.
Pierre Bienaimé
middle east

Fight Against Islamic State Not Going So Well, Say Former Administration Officials

At a Congressional hearing on progress against the Islamic State, three former administration officials paint a grim picture about progress so far.
Kate Brannen