Garlic and Salt Cod Soup Recipe

Our favorite part of this dish? Stirring in that egg yolk right before digging in.
Alex Raij
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This Garlic and Salt Cod Soup Is an Umami Dream

This soup from chef and restaurateur Alex Raij of El Quinto Pino, Txikito, and La Vara is a true umami bomb.
Munchies Staff

Red Pepper Pintxo Recipe

This is not a very difficult recipe, but it depends on having excellent preserved ingredients from Spain.
L’Union Artesana
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump launches a missile attack on Syria, Twitter sues the US government to stop the unmasking of an account, scientists identify a planet with an atmosphere, and more.
VICE Staff
Dirty Work

Dirty Work: Basque-ing in the Garden with Alex Raij

Txikito's chef Alex Raij stopped by the MUNCHIES garden to whip up a menu of garlic soup with salted cod, a whole trout pan-seared in olive oil, and tender lettuce dressed with tuna and anchovies.
Matthew Zuras

The Pyrenees Is a Wonderland of Sheep and Cheese

Big corporations making Istara or Petit Basque want to sell you the vibe of the Pyrenees, but I call BS. It’s like the difference between Audrey Hepburn and Kim Kardashian.
Charlotte Kamin

Hake Kokotxas Al Pil Pil Recipe

This simple and tasty recipe for kokotxas—essentially fish throats, for the unfamiliar—comes from Michelin-starred chef Dani López.
Dani López

MUNCHIES Guide to the Basque Country - Part 3

Watch as Irene cuddles baby piglets (then eats their relatives' bacon), gets tipsy at a 500-year-old cider house, and chomps her way through two pounds of chuleta steak.
Irene Peralta
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The Bacon-Obsessed Will Want to Make Smoky Love to This Dish

We know that bacon reached maximum cultural oversaturation. But it's time to forgive. Fall in love—or should we say amor—with bacon again.
Munchies Staff

MUNCHIES Guide to the Basque Country - Part 1

In the first episode of the MUNCHIES Guide to the Basque Country, Irene starts with a traditional feast at Basque institution Txokos, then meets food wizard Eneko Atxa of Azurmendi.
Irene Peralta

How a Tiny Spanish Town Helped Its Soccer Team Beat a Rigged System

Eibar is a humble team that somehow made it to La Liga, Spain's top soccer league. The story of how they pulled that off is incredible.
Colin McGowan

Athletic Bilbao Is Basques Only and It's Working

Athletic Bilbao fields a team of Basque players only and is in the UEFA Champions League. How in the hell did they pull this off?
Patrick Redford