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Here's How Trump's Cruel Anti-Trans Crusade Could Completely Backfire

A proposed rule change to strip trans people of their rights wouldn't just be morally ugly, it would likely be incredibly unpopular.
Harry Cheadle
Youth Interrupted: Transgender Teens in America

Gavin Grimm: The Student at the Heart of the Trans Civil Rights Movement, Part 1

Meet the teenage boy from Virginia who became an unlikely leader in a legal battle that will define his generation.
Broadly Staff
Youth Interrupted: Transgender Teens in America

Gavin Grimm: The Student at the Heart of the Trans Civil Rights Movement, Part 2

Approaching graduation, Gavin Grimm confronts his future as a young man and a national icon, knowing that his long-fought battle for equality is far from over.
Broadly Staff
Youth Interrupted: Transgender Teens in America

Meet a Trans Teen Using Letters From Classmates to Fight For His Bathroom Rights, Part 1

Vinnie Holt shares his experience transitioning while in high school in Charlotte, North Carolina—a state notorious for its anti-trans "bathroom bill."
Broadly Staff

Is the Texas Legislature About to Get Even Crazier?

With the powerful Republican moderate who stopped the bathroom bill stepping down, no one is sure what will happen next.
John Nova Lomax

The Woman Who's Making History as the Black, Trans Editor in Chief of a Publication

Ashlee Marie Preston sits down with Broadly to talk about the responsibility journalists have to represent marginalized voices—and how she found herself at the forefront of the movement to boycott a radio show over transphobic comments.
Steven Blum
The Rundown

LA Metro Planning to Go Renewable With 95 New Electric Buses

Your daily guide to what’s working, what’s not and what you can do about it.
Impact Staff

'A Harvey Milk Moment': A Trans Man's Run for NYC City Council

"I'm running for city council because I want to be a voice for all people, not just trans people," Mel Wymore says.
Emma Griffith

I Met a Pastor Who Thinks 'Transgenders' Are Deceptive—He Didn’t Know I’m Trans

Pastor Ralph Van Ness, who also works as a high school security guard, has been vocal in his fight to prevent trans people from using the bathroom. I wanted to see what he'd say face-to-face with a trans person.
Diana Tourjée

Gavin Grimm: Love Is the Heartbeat of Our Community—and It Can Never Be Defeated

In an exclusive op-ed, Gavin Grimm opens up about what it's been like to be a teenager and a leading voice in the fight for trans rights.
Gavin Grimm
Youth, Interrupted

Meet Trans Civil Rights Hero Gavin Grimm—and the Pastor Who Calls Him a Girl

Gavin never wanted to become a symbol for trans rights in America: He just wanted to use the bathroom. But now he resides at the center of the national battle around anti-trans policies that threaten the rights of trans people across the country.
Broadly Staff

'Do You Want a Happy Little Girl or a Dead Little Boy?': My Choice as a Mother

My trans daughter was discriminated against by her elementary school, forcing me to realize that if I didn't protect her—no one would.
DeShanna Neal