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Passengers Asked to Pee in Trash Bags and Bottles on This Flight from Hell

After the toilets onboard started overflowing from a flushed diaper.
Drew Schwartz
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Here's Even More Evidence That Hand Dryers Are Pretty Disgusting

A new study found that they're actually blowing bacteria onto your hands. Gross!
River Donaghey
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If You Believe in Trump, He'll Appear in Your Bathroom

A Virginia man claims that the face of Donald Trump appeared to him while he was "sitting on his toilet, admiring his newly tiled bathroom floor."
Harry Cheadle
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Watch This Angry Lady Stomp Around Target Waving a Bible to Protest Its Bathroom Policy

"Are you going to let the devil rape your children, America?" she shouts, dragging her children in tow.
VICE Staff

Conservative Canadians Are Losing Their Shit over Gender-Inclusive Schools

While the idea behind the new guidelines are clearly to create a more inclusive school system, some of the inflammatory reactions from the media suggest otherwise.
Manisha Krishnan

"Tushy," the Portable Bidet, Is Adorable

"For people who poop."
Sami Emory

Bartenders Tell Us About the Best and Worst Things They’ve Found in the Bathroom

Drug paraphernalia, poop where it doesn't belong, bloody panties, and one dead hamster.
Arielle Pardes

Florida's Bathrooms Are a Battleground for Transgender Residents

A state legislator is determined to make it next to impossible for transgender people to use public restrooms.
Allie Conti

A German Man Won a Legal Battle over His Right to Pee Standing Up

Last week, a Düsseldorf court ruled that a renter couldn't be held liable for the damage his urine splashes had done to his apartment's bathroom floor.
Mike Pearl

A New App Called Airpnp Can Help You Pee at Mardi Gras

One thing that is absolutely not tolerated during Mardi Gras is public urination. A simple piss break can land you a night in the drunk tank. Luckily, a new start-up called Airpnp has your back.
Ronny J. Holmes