Batman: Arkham Knight


This Professor Has Documented 2,000 Soda Machines in Video Games

We all have our callings.
Patrick Klepek

People Hated This Game So Much It's Being Recalled

We’ve seen games getting pulled because they’re broken, but never for being bad.
Emanuel Maiberg

'Batman: Arkham Knight' Is Still So Broken, PC Users Are Getting Refunds Again

The PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight will probably go down as one of the most disastrous launches in video game history.
Emanuel Maiberg

'Batman: Arkham Knight' Is Back on Sale, and People Are Already Complaining

Warner Bros. suggest that having 12 GB of RAM might help. No duh.
Emanuel Maiberg
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Hey Internet Trolls, Nobody Cares About Your Frame-Rate Woes

The frame rate police need to stop their pointless crusade against developers who don't achieve 60fps.
Sean Cleaver
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After 24 Hours with ‘Batman: Arkham Knight,’ I Can’t Feel the Real Me Anymore

Rocksteady's Arkham climax is a character study of twisted excellence.
Mike Diver

Hopefully the Batman: Arkham Knight Disaster Is a Turning Point for Broken Games

'Batman: Arkham Knight' isn't wet enough, game pulled from Steam.
Emanuel Maiberg
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Loving ‘Arkham Knight’? Here’s Your Follow-up Guide to the Best Batman Comics

Rocksteady Studios' Arkham series ends with "Batman: Arkham Knight," out this week. But if you want to explore the Bat's story further, here's where to start.
Jake Tucker
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The Identity Crisis in 'Evolve' Cuts to the Core of Today’s DLC Culture

You pay your money for a new game, and that's it, right? Wrong. But it's up to gamers to stand up to rip-off DLC strategies.
Jason Nawara
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This Was the Week in Video Games

Anita Sarkeesian isn't taking your games away, but she does have ideas on what they should be in the future.
Mike Diver