HS Pitcher Strikes Out Friend for Championship Bid, Immediately Consoles Him

The pitcher knew the batter since they were kids. So when he struck him out to advance to the Minnesota state championship, he didn't want to celebrate right away.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Fluffy Pancakes Recipe

The best you will ever have.
Matty Matheson

People Are Declaring War Over a Plate of Crepes

Anglo-France relations turned sour yesterday when a photo emerged showing traditional French crepes, stacked to resemble a cake by an English “barbarian.” One French newspaper branded it a “declaration of war.”
Phoebe Hurst
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Every Recipe You’ll Need for a Truly Decadent Pancake Day

You might not be fasting for Lent but who says you can’t mark Shrove Tuesday with a big, battery blowout?
Munchies Staff

Kylie Jenner's Birthday Cake Order Just Saved This Quebec Bakery

We spoke to the local baker who almost called it quits on her cake shop until she got one magical order from Kaitlyn Jenner's daughter. So what does it actually feel like to make a cake for the 18-year-old who has everything?
Nick Rose
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Yes, People Have Died from Eating Raw Cookie Dough

After the years-long, agonizing death of a Las Vegan woman who contracted E. coli from eating raw cookie dough, it might be time to admit that maybe it's just not a good idea.
Hilary Pollack

Girl Eats Food: Mini Fried Chicken Hors d'Oeuvres

Dirty fried chicken doesn't have to be from Dixy's at 3AM on a Friday night.
Jo Fuertes-Knight
girl eats food

Red Velvet Pancakes and Creme Egg Sauce

A Shrove Tuesday dish so good you could lure Jesus out of the desert with it.
Jo Fuertes-Knight