Baylor's Interim President Was Just Another Part of the Problem

A recent deposition reveals David Garland to be willfully ignorant at best, and a coward at worst.
Mike Piellucci

Former Student Sues Baylor, Alleges Football Team Videotaped Gang Rape

This is the seventh Title IX lawsuit filed against the Baptist university in its ever growing sexual assault scandal.
Sean Newell
sexual assault

Baylor Names First Female President in School History, Which Changes Nothing

Linda A. Livingston is the first woman to serve as president of Baylor University in the school's 142-year history—a history that has recently been shaped by scandal. Is a glass cliff waiting for her in Waco?
Caitlin Kelly
college basketball

Grown Up Reporters Are Actually Complaining About Kid Reporter's Legit Question at Presser

Some trolling old timer reporters decided they had something to say about a SI For Kids reporter. SMH.
Liam Daniel Pierce
college basketball

Ingenious Kid Duct-Tapes March Madness Action to Buddy's Back in Class

They either deserve an A+ or an F. I'm leaning A+ on this one.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Baylor Fires Assistant Director of Football Ops for Sending Inappropriate Texts to a Teenager

Baylor has had to fire another staffer for inappropriate conduct.
Joseph Flynn

Baylor Coach Kim Mulkey on Parents Concerned About Sexual Assault Scandal, "Knock Them Right in the Face"

"The problems we have at Baylor are no different than the problems at any other school in America."​
Liam Daniel Pierce

Newly-Hired Strength Coach at Baylor Arrested on Prostitution Charge

He was part of the incoming staff that hoped to clean up the tarnished image of Baylor football.
Sean Newell

Baylor University Allowed 'at Least 52 Acts of Rape' in Four Years, Suit Alleges

According to a new lawsuit, the Texas university basically granted full impunity to members of its football team—resulting in "the most widespread culture of sexual violence and abuse of women ever reported in a collegiate education program."
Kimberly Lawson

Minnesota, Baylor Bowl Wins Are Not "Redemption" Stories

Narratives are bad enough on their own, but they are even worse when used to gloss over the horrible conduct of schools like these two.
Kevin Trahan
college football

After Today's Decommitment, Baylor Now Down to Only One Recruit for 2017

Regardless of anyone's reasoning for leaving Baylor's recruitment class, the school seems to be getting the football program they deserve.
Liam Daniel Pierce
college football

Baylor Players Say Their Blackout Jerseys Are Not In Protest of Art Briles' Firing

Though the hashtags #truthdontlie and #CAB for "Coach Art Briles" do seem just a teeny bit suspicious.
Liam Daniel Pierce