Burger King Workers Must Be Allowed to Grow Beards, Catalan Government Rules

Burger King has also been sued in the U.S. by an employee who was fired for refusing to shave his beard.


Competitive Beard Grower Admits He Helped Run Massive Dark Web Drug Site

"OxyMonster" worked his way from a lowly vendor to a top dog at Dream Market, one of the biggest drug trafficking sites on the dark web.


Father John Misty Can't Stop Dying in the New "Mr. Tillman" Video

Co-directed by Jeff Desom and Carlos Lopez Estrada, the video has Tillman (or Misty, whatever) falling off of a hotel roof onto his own taxi cab over and over again.


My Stupid, Sad Quest to Grow a Beard

I cannot grow out my facial hair. But I tried like hell.


Drag Queens Tell Us Why They Love Their Beards

"I've never felt more feminine than with my beard."


Model Harnaam Kaur Says Her Beard Is a Blessing

Meet the model and body activist challenging beauty norms, bullies, and online trolls.


David Letterman, the Lovely Man, Inducted Pearl Jam Into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame With a Charming Speech

"Never take the opportunity for live music for granted," the retired 'Late Night' host said. "That's the message I can bring you folks tonight."


A Restaurant Gave a Customer a Discount for Having Great Facial Hair

What has your beard done for you?


China's 'Tongqi': The Millions of Straight Women Married to Closeted Gay Men

In China, many women in sham marriages only find out about their partner's sexuality after the wedding. What is life like for tongqi and the men that they marry?


Cleveland Weatherman's Beard is So Impressive Because He Refuses to Shave Until Browns Win

A Cleveland weatherman has refused to shave until the Browns win a game. It's going great.