Getting Bedbugs Actually Made My Life Better

I'm closer to my neighbors, living with less clutter, and spend less time worrying about pointless stuff.
David Caprara

'Bedbugs,' Today's Comic by Tara Booth

After finding out she has bedbugs, Tara tries to get rid of them in time for a hot date.
Tara Booth
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A 13-Year-Old Set His Apartment Building on Fire Trying to Kill a Bedbug

Can you really blame him?
River Donaghey

I Spent Months Battling Bedbugs and Years Trying to Get Them Out of My Head

I dealt with the grossest, most outrageous bed bug infestation you can imagine. But it was after I got rid of them that things really started spiraling out of control.
Jake Scott
Vice Blog

Science Has Finally Outsmarted Bedbugs (We Hope)

After half a decade of toil, researchers have announced that they have developed a new bedbug trap with the potential to revolutionize the fight against the miniature bloodsuckers.
Mark Hay
Our Man in San Fran

Visiting the Last Remnants of San Francisco's Low Income Apartment Buildings

San Francisco's SROs (single room occupancy housing) once used to function as low-cost dormitory-style apartments for the city's artists, students, and transient workers. In the first in a three-part series, we look at SROs today: mismanaged apartments...
Jules Suzdaltsev

Bedbugs Made Me a Real New Yorker

There are certain fundamental things that scream “I just moved to New York.” Things like eating cheesecake at Junior’s or heading out to Coney Island to ride the Cyclone. Or getting fucking bedbugs.
Chris Gethard