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Spike Lee Calls Black Artists to Action in This Season of Netflix’s ‘She’s Gotta Have It’

Shifting the focus to Nola Darling as an artist, the show highlights roadblocks for today’s Black creative class.
Taylor Hosking

JAY-Z's "Marcy Me" Is the Culmination of a Decades-Long Neighborhood Story

Read an adapted excerpt of Brandon Harris's 'Making Rent in Bed-Stuy' as it relates to a standout track on JAY-Z's '4:44.'
Brandon Harris

Someone Is Opening a Meatless Butcher Shop in Brooklyn

Desus and Mero get real about the new vegan butcher shop coming to Bed-Stuy.
Sarah Bellman
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At Least 17 People Reportedly Overdosed on Spice in Brooklyn

Around 9:30 in the morning, at least 17 people in Brooklyn's Bed-Stuy neighborhood became violently ill after smoking the drug, some even passing out in the street.
VICE Staff

Meet 2 Milly and the Crew Behind the Milly Rock, Hip-Hop's Next Summer Dance Craze

People are Milly Rocking on every block, so we talked to the Brooklyn crew who invented the song and dance.
Brian Josephs

The NYPD Is Taking a Holiday from Arresting People

This past week saw New York City cops shift from symbolic protest—turning their backs on the mayor—to actually packing it up and not doing their jobs.
John Surico
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In Photos: The Aftermath of the Brooklyn Police Shooting

A resident of Brooklyn's Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood documented the dramatic moments after a two NYPD officers were murdered outside his apartment.
Evan Rodgers

Two Cops Were Shot to Death in Brooklyn on Saturday

The cops were shot in their patrol car around 3 PM—subsequently succumbing to the injuries—while the gunman allegedly shot himself to death soon after.
Hanson O'Haver
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Two NYPD Officers 'Ambushed and Murdered' in Brooklyn Shooting

The shooter posted several times on Instagram and Facebook in the hours leading up to the attack, leaving remarks that suggest his motive was revenge for the police killings of Eric Garner and Michael Brown.
Keegan Hamilton
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Behind the Scenes of Parquet Courts' New Video for "Black and White"

Co-director Johann Rashid stalks people in Bed-Stuy.
Noisey Staff