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Pizzagirl Makes Music That Sounds Like All Your Fave 80s Teen Movies

Today we’re premiering the Liverpudlian bedroom pop artist’s new track “Highschool.”
Daisy Jones
New music

King Princess' New Track "Talia" Is an Extension of Her Big Bedroom Pop

It follows "1950," the new Brooklyn artist's breakout song which felt huge and tiny, all at once.
Lauren O'Neill
New music

ABRA Is At Her Dark, Dreamy Best on New Track "B.R.A.T."

The brooding track is produced by ABRA's frequent collaborator Father.
Lauren O'Neill

"Overthrown" by Oro Swimming Hour Is a Really Good Song, You Guys

Labels Orchid Tapes and Art Is Hard have teamed up to bring you a premium slice of lo-fi pop that will break you in the best way.
Noisey UK Staff

Lose Sense of Space and Time in Faroe's Video for "A Lot Better Now"

This French chap—a sensitive solo star on the rise—gets multiplied, twisted, and split in the video for a song that's both soothing and spectral.
Kim Taylor Bennett
Holy Shit

Watch Alex G's Video for "Kicker" Off His New Album 'Beach Music'

'Beach Music' drops today.
Noisey Staff
VICE Premiere

VICE Exclusive: Handsome Eric Is Dublin's Teenage Bedroom Pop Virtuoso

The 18-year-old sings atmospheric bedroom pop in his deep, melancholic drawl.
Charlie Ambler
VICE Premiere

VICE Exclusive: Listen to Iles's New Song, 'In Tents'

The track is from his upcoming record, <i>Apartments</i>, and its twisting lead guitar and songwriting nods to Walkmen-inspired 00s rock.
Charlie Ambler

Tei Shi's Music Is R&B Bedroom-Pop from Another Dimension

This Bogotá-born Brooklyn-based singer is a truly formidable talent.
Kim Taylor Bennett