Watch a Massive Tarantula Drag an Opossum Around Like It's Nothing

“A surprising amount of death of small vertebrates in the Amazon is likely due to arthropods such as big spiders and centipedes."


Could an App for Farmers Help Save the World’s Bee Population?

A new app from researchers at the University of Vermont allows farmers to virtually trial methods of encouraging bees to thrive and pollinate crops on their land.


Bee-Eating Hornets Are the Latest Threat to British Agriculture

There’s more bad news for honeybees as the UK’s Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs confirms a sighting of the bee-eating Asian hornet in Gloucestershire.


These Scientists Say We Should Be Feeding Bees Mushroom Juice

Scientists at Washington State University claim that feeding a specially developed mushroom concentrate to honeybees could help fend of diseases such as the varroa mite, but other bee researchers are not convinced.


Scientists Say Pesticides Are Causing the Beepocalypse

A new countrywide field study has uncovered the first evidence of a link between certain pesticide use and honeybee decline in England and Wales, contrary to UK government claims that mites and weather conditions are to blame.


A Giant Beehive for Humans Is Buzzing in Milan

Artist Wolfgang Buttress orchestrates an audiovisual augmented reality honeybee experience for the UK Pavilion at the 2015 Milan Expo.


Artist Uses Bees to Build Honeycomb Sculptures

Insects create world maps and weird geometries for Ren Ri's 'Yuansu Project' exhibition at Pearl Lam Gallery in Hong Kong.


Snakes and Bees Are Driving Boko Haram Out of the Forest

Boko Haram militants are fleeing after suffering constant snake bites and bee stings, which some believe is retaliation for their violence.


Origami Microbot Bees Are Here

Harvard University engineers have come up with a novel new approach to fabricating their micro robotic bees. The Harvard Monolithic Bee (or Mobee) is a bio-inspired robot, approximately on the scale of an actual bee, that can fly and work autonomously...