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Beef Jerky and Other Processed Meats Might Be Linked to Manic Episodes

People hospitalized for mania were three times more likely to have recently eaten meats like beef jerky, salami, hot dogs, or bacon.
Shayla Love
beef jerky

Beef Jerky Worker Cuts His Finger Off, Coworker Allegedly Fired For Calling 911

Lone Star Western Beef Jerky's slogan is “This ain’t no wimpy city slicker beef jerky,” and apparently the company doesn’t want wimpy employees either.
Jelisa Castrodale

Your Burger Will Taste Better If You Think the Cow Had a Happy Life

New research from Northeastern University suggests that beliefs about how an animal was raised influences enjoyment of eating meat.
Daisy Meager

Hershey's Plans to Start Selling Dried Meat Bars

What’s a 122-year-old chocolate conglomerate to do when it finds itself on the wrong side of swelling public opinion? How does a blueberry barbecue beef protein bar sound?
Alex Swerdloff

Enter to Win Our Seriously Delicious Holiday Gift Giveaways!

We're giving away a Le Creuset Dutch oven, a pizza-emblazoned towel, 24-karat-gold beef jerky, and a hell of a lot more.
Munchies Staff

Mysterious Teen Burglars Are Stealing Denver's Hot Pockets and Netflix

That’s right, the shadowy specter has an unwavering hunger for the precious snacks and 'Cowboy Bebop' episodes of unsuspecting Coloradans.
Alex Swerdloff

Growing Up in the Midwest Didn't Make Me Forget My Laotian Heritage

Growing up as a Laotian immigrant in Kansas, I've had many influences in my life. So when people come in to my restaurant expecting traditional Laotian cuisine, I tell them that it’s inspired by my country, but I won’t be held to one type of cuisine.
Phet Schwader
Motherboard Blog

The Bitcoin Beef Jerky Test

In our post-debt-ceiling-debate era, is this the definitive proof we need of the reality of new currencies? By the way, the slogan for "BitJerky": "Eat it with your face." h3. Connections: * "How to Get Rich on Bitcoin, By...