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This Book Reveals the Truth About All of Our Grossest Food Habits

From double-dipping to beer pong hygiene, Paul Dawson and Brian Sheldon are exploring the nastiest questions of food science.


Catholic High School Girls Busted for Playing Swastika Beer Pong

Alumnae have called on the school to expel the students, but administrators say slapping them with an in-school "reflection day" is punishment enough.


Nazi-Themed Beer Pong Resurfaces Among Atlanta High Schoolers

Six students were recently disciplined at a private Atlanta-area high school for playing a "Jews vs. Nazis"-themed variation on the drinking game.


Bros Play Beer Pong in Intersection, Rewarded with Local News Shoutouts

One news station even sent an anchor to play beer pong with them, on a table beside the intersection.


This Golf Trick Shot Artist Could Wreck You at Beer Pong

Don't even step, fools.


Why You're Better at Beer Pong After a Few Drinks

A little alcohol can have surprising effects on your muscles and coordination.


Trump Hopes His Overpriced Red Party Cups Will Make America Great Again

And you thought tweeting denigrated the office of the Presidency?


Playing Beer Pong Against A Robot Looks as Ridiculous as It Sounds

The Pongbot is a robotic cup holder that zips your Solo cups randomly around the table while you’re playing beer pong. .


We Played Beer Pong with Table Tennis Olympian Timothy Wang

On this episode of 'Daily VICE' we meet up with the champion athlete at his Houston table tennis school to talk about what it takes to win an Olympic medal.


The Beer Idiot's Guide to Olympic Drinking Games

Normally I’d be the first guy to tell you that drinking games are for frat boys and other repressed types, but the summer Olympics in Brazil call for desperate measures.


The Hot New Drinking Game for NJ Teens Is "Jews vs. Nazis"-Themed Beer Pong

The affluent New Jersey municipality of Princeton has been rocked to its sheltered core after a group of underage teenagers was caught playing  Jews vs. Nazis, a variation on beer pong.


Some Teens in New Jersey Got Busted Playing a Nazi Beer Pong Game

Of all the insanely fun drinking games kids can choose from, it's unclear why the group of high school students decided to recreate beer pong into an uncouth tribute of the Holocaust.