Belgian comics


'Dream Camera,' Today's Comic by Valentine Gallardo

Harmony revisits her dreams and nightmares after getting a roll of film developed.


'Runaway Fantasy,' Today's Comic by Valentine Gallardo

A pigeon tries to get a girl to run away with him in this adorably quirky comic.


'Jitterbug,' Today's Comic by Jana Vasiljevic

Inside a party dominated by people trying to understand the lyrics of "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go."


'47th Street,' Today's Comic by Nina Vandenbempt

Belgian experimental cartoonist great, Nina Vandenbempt, blows minds and draws beautiful comics. Check out this great eleven-page story about a dreamy party.


Lola Has a Bad Weekend in Today's Comic from Nina Van Denbempt

Belgian artist Nina Van Denbempt illustrates what it's like to as a young woman to feel invincible, afraid, and alone.


Runbeast & Lola in Technoland

Nina Van Denbempt is a Belgian artist born in an 1989 and part of the current Belgian comics scene which is producing mind-blowing, beautiful comics. In this story, two people try to escape a dystopian Techno Land.


The 38th Governor of California, Doom, and the Progressive Man

Belgian cartoonist Jana Vasiljevic paints strange and funny scenes of Doom, Windows 99, and bubblegum romance.


My Friend Winegum

A new comic by Valentine Gallardo about a dreamy party, a third eye, and being young.