The Truth and Lies Issue

The Latest Issue of VICE Magazine Gets to the Bottom of Belief, Memory, and Our Understanding of Reality

We have stories on the Mandela Effect, the increasing belief in extraterrestrials, how social media shapes our memories, and more.
Ellis Jones

Silicon Valley’s Radical Machine Cult

From afterlife to machine transcendence, Digitalism offers a new promise of paradise.
Wolfram Klinger
mental health

What Happens to Your Brain When You Stop Believing in God

It's like going off a drug.
Caroline Beaton

Loser Takes All: The Philadelphia 76ers, The Process, And Belief

During the lean years of The Process, the Sixers didn't give their fans much more than faith that things would someday be better. It was more than enough.
David Roth

It's No Miracle, Daniel Murphy Is For Real

How a few small adjustments—and some familiar feats of belief—helped Daniel Murphy carry his October heroics all the way through to the regular season.
Rian Watt
Super Bowl 50

The Imperfect Host, Part Six: What Comes After The Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl is over, and with it Super Bowl City's brief, branded invasion of San Francisco. Things will be back to normal soon enough, but that's not the end.
Tarin Towers
Motherboard Blog

Why We Want To Believe Things That Are Totally Absurd

As founder and publisher of Skeptic Magazine, Michael Shermer, who's the star of this TED talk, has exposed fallacies behind intelligent design, 9/11 conspiracies, the low-carb craze, alien sightings and other hilarious and really very sad beliefs...