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Six People Have Come Forward to Back Up a Trump Sex Assault Claim

If Trump's accusers are just part of a vast conspiracy to smear him—as he claims—then all these people must be in on it, too.
Lauren Messman

What It's Like Being a Reverend in the Church of Satan

Satanism is basically atheism but with a pinch of devil worship. We asked a satanic reverend to explain why it's more than just teenage angst.
Sam Rowe

Into the Freezone: Practicing Scientology Outside of the Church

They believe in L. Ron Hubbard's teachings and dianetics. They just don't believe in the Church itself.
Luke Winkie

Things You Learn When You Break Up with God

Leaving a religion is like a breakup, a death, and a midlife crisis all at once, except your drinking buddies don't drink because they're religious, and your other friends don't exist.
Mat Drogemuller

A Muslim's Guide to Anal Hygiene

Allow me to clear a few things up about the use of the lota, the pot filled with water that Muslims traditionally use to keep themselves clean.
Javaria Akbar

Scientists May Have Found the Greatest Evidence of a 'Gay Gene' Yet

A new study may help erode the notion that sexual orientation is a choice—if the homophobic fanatics around the world take it seriously, that is.
Eleanor Morgan

Trap Keeper

In this comic, Panayiotis Terzis draws an age of brutality and beauty. The pleasure comes out of the pain, and the pain comes out of the pleasure.
Panayiotis Terzis

Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi and Sophocles Were All Aliens

At least that's what the members of London's Aetherius Society believe. It was founded in 1955 by a cabbie named Dr. George King after he claimed to come into contact with aliens who spoke directly through their larynges.
Adrian Choa

Was Jesus a Roman Hoax to Trick the Jews?

Joe Atwill purports to have discovered proof that Jesus of Nazareth was merely a fabrication of first-century Romans, who created his gospels as a way to quell the messianic fervor of the Jews.
Wilbert L. Cooper
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Searching for Eternal Life on David Copperfield's Private Island

A black winged creature flew into the room and fluttered about erratically. "A bat!" I screamed. Transylvanian thoughts caromed through my mind. "No... wait! It's a fucking moth!" Raf shouted, as it hurtled to a stop upside down in a corner where the...
Adam Leith Gollner