Belle and Sebastian


A Point-by-Point Analysis of Belle & Sebastian’s Really Polite Survey

The Scottish group has put questions to fans about a cruise they're planning for August 2019 and it's so damn sweet :').


Rank Your Records: Belle and Sebastian Guitarist Stevie Jackson Rates the Band’s Nine Albums

The founding member looks back on over 20 years of the iconic Glasgow band’s intimate, adventurous, and character-driven discography.


Belle & Sebastian Accidentally Forgot Their Drummer at a Rest Stop

Oh get him away from there, he's dying (but not actually).


Don't Kill Your Heroes, Don't Even Meet Them

When you meet your heroes, you miss out on the true value of having a hero: the opportunity to learn about yourself.


VICE Exclusive: Watch a Video from Looper, the Belle and Sebastian Side Project

It's a catchy, minimalist dance tune, and the new video pairs it with some found footage of weird shit, like little kids twirling ribbons and people dancing to disco.


The Importance of Music in 'Gilmore Girls'

Bowie, Björk, The Shins, Sonic Youth and many others all have a part to play in this seminal TV series, which also features Korn and some tulips, weirdly.