Beltran Leyva


Mexican drug lord's wife arrested for trying to resurrect his cartel

Clara Elena Laborín Archuleta, the wife of imprisoned drug lord Hector Beltrán Leyva, was reportedly planning to retake turf in Acapulco that was once held by her husband's cartel.
Jo Tuckman
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El Chapo's hometown may be under attack from a rival, also nicknamed El Chapo

El Chapo's mother reportedly left La Tuna, a small village in the Sinaloan sierra, in a helicopter fleeing the violence. Locals speak of rising tensions as a rival cartel moves into the territory, led by El Chapo Isidro.
Jan-Albert Hootsen

Night of Terror: Mexican Police and Heavily Armed Cartels Face Off in Acapulco

The violence began when armed men attacked a hotel that was housing federal police officers sent to reinforce security in the latest of many special law enforcement offensives that have failed to bring peace to the once-glamorous resort city.
Alan Hernandez

'Say Nice Things About Acapulco': Mexican Governor Urges Media Silence on Violence

The appeal for a “pact of silence” in the beleaguered southern state of Guerrero is the latest effort by a Mexican politicians to look on the bright side of the country’s security crisis. Most have backfired.
Gabriela Gorbea
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Meet the Up-and-Coming Narcos Who Could Be Worse Than El Chapo

In the bastion of the Sinaloa cartel fears are growing that the recapture of El Chapo, and the demise of the old-guard leaders, could give the more impulsive generation of narcojuniors free rein.
Duncan Tucker

Alfredo Beltrán Leyva, Friend Turned Foe of El Chapo, Pleads Guilty to Drug Trafficking

The Beltrán Leyva family grew up alongside El Chapo before waging a bloody battle against him. With this guilty plea, Alfredo may be called to provide information against Guzmán.
Jo Tuckman and Nathaniel Janowitz
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Mexican-American Drug Lord ‘La Barbie’ Has Changed His Plea to Guilty

Edgar Valdez Villarreal pleaded guilty in US District Court in Atlanta to charges of conspiracy to distribute cocaine and money laundering in a brief “change of plea” hearing that suggested some kind of leniency deal.
Daniel Hernandez
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Mexico Sends US-Born Drug Lord ‘La Barbie’ Back Home to Face Charges

Edgar Valdez Villareal became a somewhat larger-than-life figure after his arrest in 2010 when he smirked before news cameras and boasted that a movie would be made about his life in the drug world.
Daniel Hernandez

‘Only Two Cartels Are Left in Mexico,’ Government Official Claims

Mexico's chief criminal investigator said hundreds of smaller splinter cells continue to affect millions of Mexicans across the country. The statements were the most frank assessment made in years about Mexico's cartels.
Gabriela Gorbea and Andrea Noel

At Least 13 Missing As Another Mass Disappearance Develops in Guerrero, Mexico

With the case of the 43 missing students still looming over the state, Guerrero officials now say another probably mass disappearance took place after unknown men entered a town to 'free' it from a drug gang.
Melissa del Pozo
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Latest Mexican Drug Lord Arrest Is a Fatal Blow to the Beltrán Leyva Cartel

Mexico's authorities are claiming another victory in the war on drugs, but the fragmentation of big cartels usually just leads to yet more violence.
Daniel Hernandez