Ben Roethlisberger


Antonio Brown Eliminated from Nutso Singing-in-Masks Show

The Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver was the first contestant eliminated on the 'The Masked Singer', a fever dream reality show where singers wear masks.


Steelers Ransack Le'Veon Bell's Locker After Exit from Pittsburgh

The Pittsburgh running back's holdout will last the entire season, marking the end of his Steelers tenure. So his former teammates took all the shit he left behind.


Le'Veon Bell Holds Out for Entire NFL Season, Forfeits $14.5 Million Salary

The Pittsburgh Steelers star running back didn't report to the team by Tuesday's 4 PM deadline, setting him up for a likely big payday in the offseason.


Jacksonville Bakery Sends Ben Roethlisberger 7 Turnovers Just to Rub it In

In two games against the Jaguars this season Big Ben has thrown six interceptions and lost one fumble. That adds up to seven turnovers, and one vicious burn.


The NFL's Legendary 2004 QB Class is Trash Now

Eli Manning, Philip Rivers, and Ben Roethlisberger have aged before our eyes.


Ben Roethlisberger Going to Take Offseason "to Evaluate if There is Going to Be a Next Season"

Roethlisberger didn't say he wasn't coming back, but he sounds conflicted.


Cab Driver Unwittingly Tells John Elway He's the Best QB of All Time

This cabbie was lucky enough to say John Elway was the best quarterback he's ever seen, and didn't even realize the man was in his cab.


How Does Andy Reid Keep Letting These Playoff Games Slip Through His Fingers?

With the stage set for them to succeed and everything on the line, the Chiefs offense had nothing on the Steelers defense.


​Travis Kelce Says "Zebra Jersey" Ref Couldn't Work at a Foot Locker After "Horseshit" Holding Call

Kelce is a good player, and he's good at being funny, but sometimes, his emotions get the better of him.


Antonio Brown Thought About Not Scoring Today, and Decided No

But then he just said, "fuck it—I'm going to score a fucking shitload of points today." And so it was true.


Steelers Execute Fake Spike for a TD, But Cowboys Win With Ezekiel Elliott's Last-Second Drive

Two wonderful drives that finished in Elliott gutting the Steelers' defense like a fish.