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Benedict Cumberbatch Fought Off Four Muggers to Rescue a Delivery Guy

Cumberbatch and his Uber driver saw the man get jumped and decided to save the day.
River Donaghey
Internet Exploring

Thom Yorke Had a Chat with Benedict Cumberbatch About Monks and Nikola Tesla

Two extremely English names, one odd interview.
Phil Witmer

How Doctor Strange Helped Create Hippies

The newest member of Marvel's Cinematic Universe puts a psychedelic, mystical spin on your typical superhero.
Charles Moss
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Lady Gaga's Carpool Karaoke Raises Many, Many Questions

Does Gaga know who Benedict Cumberbatch is? Can she really write a song in 10 minutes? Why hasn't James Corden figured out how to get to work by himself yet?
Noisey Staff

Inside the Relationship Between Man and Machine in 'The Imitation Game'

We talked to the director and editor of the film starring Benedict Cumberbatch.
Becky Chung

Dick Slaps and Deer Humping: What Goes on at Elite British Drama Schools

From Tom Hiddleston to Benedict Cumberbatch, most of the Brits in Hollywood went to one of three small schools in London. But what really goes on there?
Sam Wolfson

It's Art: Benedict Chocobatch Bunnies

File this one under: Why do people like Benedict Cumberbatch so much?
Emerson Rosenthal

The Obsessive World of China's Amateur 'Sherlock' Subtitlers

“The government just doesn’t show a big interest in promoting the arts. Seems like we filled the gap.”
Jamie Fullerton

Alan Turing's Family Wants Britain to Pardon All 49,000 Gay Men Convicted of 'Gross Indecency'

The legendary mathematician helped crack the Nazi Enigma code and hasten the end of World War II, a story told in the Oscar-winning movie 'The Imitation Game.'
Katie Engelhart

These Internet Superfans Can't Stop Drawing Benedict Cumberbatch

The internet is home to hundreds of talented women who dedicate their time to creating the Sherlock actor's likeness. We talked to some of them about how the idea of "fandom" can devalue their art.
Ralph Jones