Best Friends


'Catboy Waits for the Mail,' Today's Comic by Benji Nate

As Henry waits by the door for his mail, Olive wonders what his package could possibly contain.
Benji Nate
trixie and katya

Drag Queens Trixie and Katya Put Their Friendship to the Test

Watch the drag duo test their relationship in this episode of THE TRIXIE & KATYA SHOW.
Amelia Capaz

'Catboy Looks for an Apartment,' Today's Comic by Benji Nate

When Henry and Olive go apartment shopping, they realize that sometimes it's best to make do with what you have.
Benji Nate

'Poison and Morpho,' Today's Comic by Mark Todd

Poison and Morpho are two best friends who like to eat wings, watch movies, and have serious jam sessions.
Mark Todd
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Everything Is OK, the Stars of 'The Room' Are in a New Movie Together

The title is 'Best F(r)iends,' and how you're supposed to pronounce that is just one of many questions.
Mike Pearl

This Contract Is the Only Way to Make Sure Your Friends Actually Like You

Sign on the dotted line, so I know it's real.
Sam Weiner
stranger things

Is Ryan Lochte's Dog, Carter, a Time Traveler or What?

There's reason to believe that Lochte's dog has broken the rules of spacetime.
Sarah Emerson

The Pros and Cons of Falling in Love with Your Best Friend

People's stories of falling for their mates—from long-term relationships, to never speaking to them again.
Yasmin Jeffery
in bloom

Breaking Up with Your Bestie Is Brutal

We asked people to detail the messy entrails of their friendship fallouts. The reasons range from pedophilia and white privilege to Evangelicalism and pathological lying.
Zach Sokol
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

We Are Scientists Are Back with "Buckle," Brah

Sometimes you just want to throw shit in your bestie's face and say: "We good, brah?"
Kim Taylor Bennett
Holy Shit

Jazz Cartier Hops on Y.E. Ali's "Ring 4x" for a Remix

The two friends unite for a well warranted remix
Byron Yan

Fruit Bomb Get Weird with Balloons in the Video for "Happy"

Fruit Bomb's ramshackle brand of garage pop offers fleeting kicks and cheap fun, which is obviously the best kind of fun (and currently the only kind of fun if you're under 35).
Noisey Staff