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White Nationalism

Watch AOC Give a Direct Message to White Supremacists: "We Will Love You Back"

"And we will always be here and hold space for you to come back," the freshman Democrat said at a vigil for the victims of two shootings this weekend.
Morgan Baskin
El Paso

Trump Kicks Off "Healing" Visit to El Paso by Telling Beto to Shut Up

The president will be met by protesters, including El Paso's congresswoman, who don't want him in their city.
David Gilbert
gun violence

Trump Is Already Trying To Hold Gun Law Reform Hostage

He suggested Monday morning that gun law reform could be tied to immigration reform — days after a white supremacist targeted Mexicans.
Tim Marcin

Watch Beto O'Rourke Talk About That Time He Was In a Punk Band...Again

Did you know the former Texas congressman was once in a band with a member of At the Drive-In? He sure won't let you forget!
Colin Joyce
democratic presidential debates

Warren and Sanders to the Centrists: Move Left or Go Home

Tuesday's debate was a proxy battle between the progressive wing of the party and the centrist "corporate" wing.
Daniel Newhauser
Cameron Joseph
climate change

The Democrats Are Kinda Sorta Thinking About Hosting a Climate Debate

DNC officials put two proposals on the table to bring the issue to the primary debate stage.
Alex Lubben
democratic debates

The Democrats' Terrible Spanish, Ranked

[Judging in Spanish]
Emma Ockerman
Victoria Leandra

The Dark, Racist History of Section 1325 of U.S. Immigration Law

Former HUD secretary Julian Castro told former congressman Beto O'Rourke to do his "homework" on Section 1325. Here's what he means.
Gaby Del Valle

7 Debate Moments That Won't Make You Give Up Entirely

The first 2020 Democratic presidential debate was occasionally substantial. It was also very dark and strange.
Alex Norcia
college debt

What the 2020 Democrats Say They'll Do About Your College Debt

Where the candidates stand on debt forgiveness and free or low-cost college.
Rex Santus
Kelly Vinett
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Man Pretending to Be Beto Campaigner Allegedly Broke Into House, Stole Popsicle

The man said he was “campaigning for Beto for President,” which flew because 1) it’s Austin and 2) he was wearing a Beto T-shirt at the time.
Jelisa Castrodale
Beto O'Rourke

8 Things We Learned From HBO's New Beto Documentary

In one notable moment, Beto calls himself "an asshole."
Rex Santus