Betsy DeVos


DeVos-Linked Adoption Agency Exposed Highly Sensitive Children's Medical Data

Bethany Christian Services left information about prospective adoptees' "intellectual development" as well as their medical histories and lab results online.
Joseph Cox
Special Olympics

Betsy DeVos wants to gut funding for the Special Olympics

The DOE’s budget proposal would eliminate nearly $18 million from the Special Olympics, and allocate an additional $60 million to charter school funding
Emma Ockerman
school safety

5 takeaways from Betsy Devos’ 9-month investigation into school safety

Recommendations on gun control are largely absent from the 177-page report.
Tess Owen

Betsy DeVos is canceling 15,000 students' debt after trying to avoid it for a year​

In total, they have $150 million in student loan debt.
Emma Ockerman
Title IX

Why the women suing Dartmouth over sexual harassment are no fans of Betsy DeVos

Just one day after a group of women sued Dartmouth for turning a blind eye to sexual assault on campus, the Trump administration announced plans to relax sexual harassment policies.
Carter Sherman

Trump administration plans to grant more rights to college students accused of sexual assault

Under the proposed Title IX enforcement regulations, schools would only have to launch investigations into properly reported incidents that were part of campus programs and activities.
Emma Ockerman
Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos' squad of 24/7 armed guards could cost taxpayers almost $20 million, report says

DeVos was granted a 24/7 security detail by former Attorney General Jeff Sessions days after she was confirmed to President Donald Trump’s Cabinet in February 2017.
Emma Ockerman
The Power and Privilege Issue

The History of the Future of High School

The problem with American secondary education is not that students haven’t learned the “right skills,” as the Betsy DeVoses of the world would have you believe.
Audrey Watters
Title IX

As Campus Sexual Assault Survivors, We Call on DeVos to Do Better

Two law students who survived campus sexual assault explain how Betsy DeVos and the Department of Education are poised to undermine Title IX.
Alyssa Leader
Sarah Nesbitt
Campus sexual assault

Betsy DeVos' Proposed Title IX Policies Harm Sexual Assault Survivors, Advocates Say

The Department of Education has outlined new guidelines that would protect the rights of the accused and leave the handling of sexual assault cases largely up to universities' discretion.
Marie Solis
Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is planning to protect students accused of sexual misconduct

The proposed rules would provide more support to college students who are accused of sexual misconduct and narrow the definition of sexual harassment.
Christianna Silva
school shootings

A small loophole could let Betsy DeVos funnel money to schools for guns

But it won't be easy.
Emma Ockerman