• 3.1.17

      A Safe Bet: How Bookmakers Are Waging War on Persistent Winners

      Bookmakers are excluding persistent winners as "liabilities". It's perfectly legal, if not entirely fair. But these high-stakes gamblers still find ways to bet – and now the liabilities are starting to fight back.

    • 6.15.16

      VICE World of Sports Episode Guide: The Line

      In the latest episode of VICE World of Sports, we dive into the boundaries between legal and illegal betting—and the uglier side to the age-old practice.

    • 3.20.14

      The Wide World of Bookies

      Betting on sports is only legal in four states: Delaware, Montana, Nevada, and Oregon. The rest of the country has to make its bets illegally, through bookies. As with any enterprise that holds the promise of easy money, there’s never a shortage of...