Beverly Hills


Meet the Queen of Hollywood's A-List Cannabis Club

In Beverly Hills, Cheryl Shuman's potent strains and lavish pot parties are almost as famous as her celebrity clientele.
VICE Staff
Real Estate

This New $100M Mansion Comes with Damien Hirsts—and a Super Porn-y Promo Video

Billed as Beverly Hills' most expensive property, promotional visuals for a house called "OPUS" feature two Hirst paintings, a car museum, and a flock of gilded models.
Beckett Mufson

LA’s Best Chefs Would Be Nothing Without This Knife Master

If you are a line cook, executive chef, celebrity chef, pastry chef, or just an avid home cook in LA, you probably have heard of Jonathan Broida of Japanese Knife Imports and his legendary knife sharpening skills.
Javier Cabral

Deep-Fried Pizza Has Arrived in LA

Montanara became an official thing in Italy after World War II when firewood for pizza was scarce but plenty of lard was around. At its very best, you might not be able to taste that the dough was fried at all.
Javier Cabral
Los Angeles

Why José Andrés Thinks LA Is One of the World’s Best Cities for Food

The influential Spanish celebrity chef, known for his thick accent and infectious passion for food, hardly spends time in Los Angeles these days but he has built a strong appreciation for the city nonetheless.
Javier Cabral

Beverly Hills Can't Be Bothered with California's Water Conservation Laws

The Los Angeles area municipality was just named by California officials as being one of only four cities in the state not adequately ensuring that its residents conserve water during the ongoing statewide drought.
Alex Swerdloff
Los Angeles

A Guide to Dining with a Sugar Baby, from a Beverly Hills Sugar Daddy

Nick is your classic LA millionaire: he works as a talent agent, his second marriage is falling apart, and he sleeps and eats delicious meals with a large number of women that he meets on sugar daddy websites in his spare time.
Karley Sciortino
Los Angeles

Chef's Night Out: Mexicali Taco & Co.

Take one bite of Mexicali Taco & Co.'s shrimp tacos or the carne asada Vampiro and you are transported to a new level of tacqueria consciousness where there is no going back to greasy meat and subpar tortillas.
Munchies Staff