Beyond Meat


There's a Sexy Plant-Based Burger Halloween Costume Now Because of Course There Is

Because everyone's first thought after opening a two-pack of Beyond Meat patties is sex.


KFC Is Testing Vegan 'Fried Chicken' Using Beyond Meat

A trial run in Atlanta will mark the first use of Beyond's chicken alternative at a major fast food chain.


Pizza Shop Prompts Backlash By Secretly Using Fake Meat in Its 'Burger Pizza'

"HELL Pizza has taken more than 3000 customers by complete surprise with our meat-free Burger Pizza."


The Meat Lobby's Bill to Ban the Phrase 'Fake Meat' Shows the Real Threat of Plant-Based Alternatives

Missouri has passed a bill preventing meat substitutes from using the word "meat" on their products. Here's how brands such as Beyond Meat are coping.


Missouri May Ban Plant-Based Meat Companies from Calling Their Products 'Meat'

The House of Representatives in the beef-loving state just passed a bill that could complicate the sale of meat substitutes.


This Vegan Ground Beef Burger Sold Out of Whole Foods in an Hour

The plant-based product made its supermarket grand debut yesterday at a branch of Whole Foods in Boulder and sold out in an hour.


A Former McDonald's CEO Just Joined the Board of a Vegan Startup

Don Thompson, the former CEO of McDonald’s, is looking to the future—and the future is apparently in plant-based products that are substitutes for chicken and burgers.


Does Bill Gates Still Believe in a Plant-Based Future?

Bill Gates has long spoken out about how reduced meat consumption could benefit mankind, but now it sounds like he's saying that eating beef might not be so bad.


These Veggie Burgers Taste Like Blood

The next generation of veggie burgers has arrived. And they’re bloody. Silicon Valley-based Impossible Foods is changing the way that we make meat out of plants.


I Went to a Health Food Convention and Did Unhealthy Things

I've been to a lot of health food conventions where I've gotten high or wasted with fellow "healthy" types. At this year's convention, I met a woman with a daughter named "Rainbeau," ate fake Taco Bell tacos, and hung out with Adrian Grenier.