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Modi might be the only world leader whose Twitter use is more problematic than Trump’s

“It’s being used to create a divide in the social fabric of this country, and that’s extremely dangerous.”


The Islamic State Is Now Trying to Convince India's Muslims to Come Join the Caliphate

The Islamic State has released a video that references riots in Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's home state that killed hundreds of Muslims in 2002.


Footage Shows Moment Fireworks Sparked Blaze That Killed 100 at Hindu Temple

The blaze started when one firework fell onto a shed where others were stored, sparking a string of powerful explosions that injured more than 380 people.


Modi Faces Renewed Criticism About Religious Freedom After India Blocks US Monitors

Many countries with less-than-stellar track records on religious tolerance have allowed entry to members of a US monitoring commission, but India is shutting them out.


Lynch Mob Attack Over Alleged Cow Slaughter Puts Spotlight on Hindu Extremism

Around 200 people reportedly attacked a household on the outskirts of New Delhi after word spread that a man had killed and prepared beef for a religious holiday.


Cow Retirement Homes Are Booming in India — Here's Why

Hindu nationalist groups fighting for the protection of India's cows have succeeded in expanding statutes against slaughter, which have increased cattle smuggling as well as the need for cattle shelters.


India's Government Doesn't Seem to Care That Husbands Can Legally Rape Their Wives

Indian officials have rejected the urging of the UN and human rights activists that they amend the country's penal code to make sexual assault within marriage a criminal offense.


India's 'Resettlement' of Kashmiri Hindus to Hotly Contested Region Stokes Resentment

The immediate impression given by the government was that the "composite townships" would essentially be heavily guarded colonies for Hindus who had migrated from the region.


'How Can the Government Say What We Cannot Eat?': Mumbai Muslims Are Stung by Beef Ban

Members of Maharashtra's Muslim minority control its beef trade, and complain that they have increasingly been targeted with threats since the BJP's electoral victory last May.


India’s Hindu-Majority Government Is Taking Its Islamophobia Out on Beef Slaughterhouses

There’s a battle brewing in India, and unsurprisingly it centers on a highly controversial practice there: cow slaughter.


Women Feel Unsafe as Threat of Sexual Violence Pervades Everyday Life in India

Indian newspapers report shocking new atrocities almost daily, providing insistent reminders of the country's ongoing problem with violence against women.