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11th Hour Deal with Far-Right Party Brings Netanyahu Back For Fourth Term as Israel's PM

The coalition deal brings together the far-right Jewish Home, the fledgling center-right Kulanu party, and Netanyahu’s Likud in what has been billed as one of Israel’s most right-wing governments ever.
Harriet Salem
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Is Bibi Back? Netanyahu Declares Victory Despite Deadlocked Exit Polls

Though the outcome of Israel’s election appeared too close to call, the incumbent prime minister and his supporters were already declaring — and celebrating — victory.
Harriet Salem and Creede Newton

Netanyahu Campaign Ad Says Islamic State Will Prevail if Israelis Vote Left in Election

The Israeli PM's ad, which has raised eyebrows, takes aim at the “submissive leftist” opposition, ahead of Israel’s closely fought March 17 ballot.
Kayla Ruble
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Deadly Clashes Erupt Between Israeli Troops and Palestinians in Missing Teens Search

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at a cabinet meeting today that the deaths occurred as a result of self-defense actions.
Liz Fields

Netanyahu Blames Hamas in the Kidnapping of Three Israeli Teens

The Israeli military arrested 80 Palestinians, among them more than 60 of members of Hamas, in the West Bank today.
Liz Fields
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In Photos: Clashes Erupt During Jerusalem Day Parade

The day was marked by thousands of Jewish revelers marching through the Old City, where the streets were closed to Palestinian residents.
Ben Hattem and Daniel Tepper
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Pope Francis: Stalled Israel-Palestine Peace Process Is 'Unacceptable'

The pontiff also stressed that both parties would have to make sacrifices to keep the peace.
Liz Fields
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Gaza Residents Are Cautiously Optimistic About Palestinian Unity Plans

Some residents are hopeful that a new government could mean an end to the blockade and the shortages of fuel, water, and building materials.
Daniel Tepper
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Israeli Forces Destroy West Bank Mosque as Peace Talks Deadline Passes

After nine months of negotiating, the two participants failed to even agree on an extension to talks.
John Beck
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The 'Ghost City' of Hebron Is at the Center of West Bank Settlement Violence

For Palestinians, settlements constitute the ultimate red line, particularly in Hebron.
Orlando Crowcroft