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2020 Democrats

Elizabeth Warren’s new bills are trying to make it easier to jail CEOs

“When a criminal on the street steals money from your wallet, they go to jail,” Warren said.
Rex Santus
big tech

Elizabeth Warren plans to break up Amazon, Facebook, and Google

Big Tech has "bulldozed competition, used our private information for profit, and tilted the playing field against everyone else," she said.
Rex Santus
2020 election

Bernie Sanders held his first town hall for 2016 — er, 2020 campaign

Here are some highlights from the senator’s first town hall as a presidential candidate in 2019.
Rex Santus

After a big win over Amazon, Bernie sets his sights on big banks

“Any financial institution that's too big to fail is too big to exist."
Rex Santus
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The Big Bank You're Using Is Probably Ripping You Off

Switching to an alternative is easier than you think.
Allie Conti

Wells Fargo Is Trying to Bury Another Massive Scandal

The bank became notorious last year for creating fake accounts on behalf of customers. Now it's trying to kill a class-action lawsuit over shady debit card fees.
David Dayen

Goldman Sachs to Pay Billions in Fines Related to the Financial Crisis, but Nobody's Going to Jail

The Department of Justice and Goldman reached a $5 billion settlement stemming from the financial titan's conduct in the lead up to the financial crisis.
Avi Asher-Schapiro
2016 US election

Bernie Sanders Can't Explain How He'd Break Up Big Banks, Among Other Things

Sanders' interview with the New York Daily News editorial board is feeding the Clinton campaign's narrative that he's big on ideas, but scant on specifics.
Liz Fields and Sarah Mimms