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In Our Google Searches, Researchers See a Post-Snowden Chilling Effect

After Snowden, some words seem harder to Google: Researchers found a "significant" fall in search traffic on 'high government trouble'-rated search terms.


A Federal Judge Laid the Smackdown on the NSA's Phone Tapping

In what's the first major legal hurdle to the National Security Agency's sweeping phone surveillance program, District Court Judge Richard Leon says it likely violates the 4th Amendment ban on unreasonable search and seizures.


Google's Top Execs Are Saying the Opposite Things About Internet Privacy

Vint Cerf says “privacy may actually be an anomaly”, while chairman Eric Schmidt wants to “encrypt everything”. Is Google hedging with users and government?


Finding Snowden

Dodging the surveillance state to visit its most wanted man.


For the First Time, Apple Reveals Thousands of Police Requests, Claims 'No Interest in Amassing' User Data

Well this might be the least transparent transparency report ever.


How the NSA Exposed the Media's Biggest Bias

The media's coverage of the NSA proves that its greatest bias isn't towards Democrats or Republicans—but towards institutional power itself.


A Complete Guide to the Things the NSA Has Not Yet Hacked

Here is a list of everything the NSA still hasn't managed to hack into.


Yet Another Privacy Service Has Shut Down to Avoid the Feds

CryptoSeal killed its VPN service faster than you can say "chilling effects"


NSA Director Keith Alexander Will Step Down from the World's Most Powerful Intelligence Job

This will give President Obama a chance to reshape the controversy-ridden agency.


To Dodge US Spies, Germany Might Keep All Its Internet Traffic on Local Servers

It's the latest country to send a message to the US government to avert its snooping gaze from Europe's internet.


Pro-Privacy Protesters Adopted the Highway to the NSA's Data Center

The group has to pick up trash along the street, but it'll do it with picket signs in tow.


You're Sending Postcards on the Internet and We're Building Envelopes: A Chat with Vikram Kumar, CEO of Kim Dotcom's Mega

Kumar says his company can promise users security in a post-Snowden world. Up to a point, of course.