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David Ortiz Surprised Aly Raisman with 'Girl Power' Shirt at Red Sox Opener

The former Boston Red Sox first baseman and the gymnast were on hand for home opener at Fenway Park.


Big Papi Takes You on Swivel Chair Tour of His Retirement, And It's All Good

He just wants you to know that his life is chill as fuck, and that you're always invited over. Gracias, Papi.


The End Is Never Right, It Just Is: So Long, David Ortiz

David Ortiz could not control how his career ended, but no one will remember him for how his career ended.


​MLB Commissioner Gives David Ortiz a Pass on Failed PED Test from 2003

Commissioner Rob Manfred says the survey used to inform MLB's PED policy was unreliable—at least in the case of the beloved David Ortiz.


Delightfully Eager Red Sox Fan Eats It While Diving For Big Papi's Ground-Rule Double

It was almost a souvenir for David Ortiz's close brush with hitting the cycle.


The Cooperstown Case for David Ortiz and Designated Hitters

The Baseball Hall Of Fame is a fun place to visit, but pretty backwards in some important ways where history is concerned. David Ortiz could be a victim of that.


David Ortiz Is Going to Live Forever

Big Papi has announced that 2016 will be his last season. The legacy he built in Boston, and throughout baseball, guarantees that he's not going anywhere.


David Ortiz And The End

Last year, David Ortiz had one of the best seasons a 38-year-old has ever had. This year, he's been hopeless. He's looked finished before, but is this the end?


David Ortiz Fakes Bunt, Hits Home Run Seconds Later

A David Ortiz fake bunt is pretty funny, until he hits a home run in the same at bat.