Big Star

Expert Witness with Robert Christgau

Robert Christgau on Alex Chilton's Fragile Love Songs

The Dean of American Rock Critics reviews three records from the late Big Star singer, including a new 15-track compilation, ' From Memphis To New Orleans.'
Robert Christgau

Hear Unreleased Flatliners and Dirty Nil Songs on the Dine Alone Tour Comp

A B-side from the Richmond Hill punks' new album and a riotous Big Star cover from the Hamilton young bucks.
Phil Witmer

The Genius of Chris Bell, One of Rock's Greatest Tragedies

When he died aged 27, the local paper described him as "the son of a local restaurateur". But this story, of a talented Memphis kid who formed rock's first cult band, goes worlds beyond.
Thomas Hobbs
stream of the crop

Stream of the Crop: 16 New Albums for Heavy Rotation 10/15

New releases from Conor Oberst, JoJo, and The Dillinger Escape Plan top this week's list.
Noisey Staff

We Talk to R.E.M.'s Mike Mills About Big Star's Enduring Legacy

Big Star have long been cult favorites—romanticized, pillaged, beloved—and this new 69-track boxset is another chance to gorge.
Jonathan Valania
Longreads Or Whatever

Depression, Quaaludes, and the Wildest TGI Fridays in America: The Real Story of Big Star

Ahead of the release of new documentary 'Nothing Can Hurt Me', Oscar Rickett discovers the story of Memphis's answer to The Beatles.
Oscar Rickett
Presented By Budweiser

Project Pat, Big Star's Jody Stephens, and Ex-Cult's Guide to Memphis

There's a bazillion rad things to do in Memphis, but these guys are here to help narrow it down…
Noisey Staff

Chef's Night Out: Paul Kahan

In this episode of Chef's Night Out, we head to the Windy City to meet up with Paul Kahan, executive chef of Blackbird, Avec, Publican, and Big Star, for a long night of yam goo, suicide beers, and charcuterie.
Munchies Staff