I Spent a Week Riding Absolutely Everywhere on a Segway

From tourist spots to a meeting at the office, I wanted to understand whether being on a Segway feels as ridiculous as it looks.
Marvin Xin Ku
mental health

These Bikers Are Trying to Break Stereotypes About Masculinity and Mental Health

“If just one person starts opening up, that usually encourages others to do the same and what real strength and courage is, in my opinion, is showing your vulnerability.”
Michael Stahl
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Nothing to See Here, Just a Florida Man Driving a Motorcycle with His Bare Feet

Is he even awake? Who knows!
Drew Schwartz
Last Call

Life Advice from the Legendary Bartender at California's Best Biker Bar

For our new bartender advice column, we spoke to Bay Area legend Gina Parle ("Jeannie") of the Warehouse Cafe, who taught us why mojitos are pathetic and how to go down on yourself.
Laura Mason

We Hung Out with the Hells Angels to See What They're All About in 2016

The police still recognize the biker brotherhood as an organized crime group, but to me they just looked like a friendly group of guys with face tattoos.
Charlotte Lester

Life Inside Japan's Aging Biker Gangs

VICE Japan followed some of the country's most infamous bikers to hear about their violent pasts and dying subculture.
VICE Staff

These Taxidermy Squirrel Dioramas Are Nuts

Teeters' Taxidermy Studio in Halifax, Pennsylvania takes sculpting with dead squirrels to the next level.
Beckett Mufson

Riding with Kuwait's All Female Biker Club

We asked one of Moto Lady Club's founding members about debunking stereotypes of biker gangs and championing female empowerment in the Gulf.
Eleanor Ross
bay area

Huang's World: Bay Area, Part 1

Eddie's first stop in the Bay Area is Oakland, CA, where he hangs with a local biker gang to show hipsters how to shoot guns and hunt for rabbit.
Eddie Huang

Anti-Nowhere League Bought Harleys Thanks to Metallica

Anti-Nowhere League are not your typical English punks. The band, which has been around since 1980, is more likely to dry-hump Kelly Bundy on your dad’s couch than protest an oil spill. They’re blue-collar outlaws, not art school misanthropes. We sat...
John Liam Policastro

Manson Family Values

Artist and Designer Justin Blyth seems to have taken one too many acid tabs and is now lost on some sort of motorcycle tour lead by Timothy Leary of the weirdest parts of 1970s Los Angeles. And we are all better for it. Check out a sneak peek of his...
Robert Foster