Bill C-51


Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s First Test of Journalistic Freedoms: The RCMP vs. VICE

The politician has been unabashedly pro-journalist in his statements, but will he make legal protections for reporters a priority?


Here’s Why, as an Indigenous Person, I Voted for Trudeau in the Canadian Election

The thought of four more years of Harper was like an evil ghost climbing up my asshole and shaking me to the core.


Can Canadian Candidate Justin Trudeau Turn Selfies into Votes?

In a town hall with VICE Canada Monday night, Trudeau got a chance to speak directly to young Canadians. But can his charm win over voters skeptical about his position on a controversial surveillance bill?


I Went to a Massive Anime Cosplay Festival to Learn How to Fight the Canadian Surveillance Bill

Atomic Lollipop, the "Woodstock of Geek," is the kind of festival where you can listen to a goth Lolita catgirl get into a fight about Canadian political theory.


Civil Liberties and Media Advocates Have Filed A Legal Challenge to Canada’s Anti-Terrorism Law

The organizations are asking that the court declare five sections of the bill as overly broad, vague, and inherently incompatible with Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


Canada Puts New Law to Use, Moves to Revoke Citizenship of Convicted Terrorist

Hiva Alizadeh, an Iranian-Canadian, pleaded guilty last fall to explosives possession with the intent to cause harm as part of a terrorist conspiracy.


Anonymous Is Celebrating Canada Day In Protest With Attacks on Government Sites

The DDoS campaign is the latest in a string of attacks in protest of Canada's controversial anti-terror legislation Bill C-51.


Montreal Police Cracked Down Hard on Formula 1 Sex Tourism

A Formula One Grand Prix means tourism, and tourism also means a spike in the sex trade—which city authorities are trying to contain.


A New Report Revealed Just How Horrific Canada's Aboriginal Residential Schools Were

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission challenges readers to see how non-Aboriginal Canadians benefited from 120 years of residential school policy.


​A Former CIA Officer Explains how to Apply Interrogation Techniques to Everyday Life

We spoke to an Ex-CIA operative about torture, coercion, and how to spot when someone is lying to you.


Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's New Budget Invests Heavily in the Military and Spies

The Conservatives' final budget before the fall election, an otherwise austere exercise in showing off the freshly balanced books, commits more than $2 billion in security and defense spending.